Friday, May 18, 2012

Fireman visit

Fire fighter Mark paid a visit to our classroom today to tell us some of the things about his job. He showed us his helmet which is bright yellow for visibility and has 2 visers for facial protection.

 Sometimes firemen have to break windows to get into houses or buildings where there is fire. In these cases axes are used.
 Halogen axes are bigger , stronger axes which are used where the doors are particularly heavy.
 It took three of us to hold the halogen axe as it was so heavy!

 We tried on the protective fire helmet for size....just a little too big for our small heads!

 Braces are used to stop the trousers from falling as they are quite heavy.

 High visibility stripes make the fireman easy to see when it is dark and smoky.
 When the firemen are called out to road accidents they wear these bright jackets so car drivers spot them easily.

 The BA (breathing appartus) helps the fireman to breathe easily when there is alot of smoke. They carry the big tanks on their backs.
 The fireman is all kitted out in his fire fighting clothes and ready to go to a fire. It took Mark approximately one minute to put all the gear on.We even timed him.
 We tried on the gloves for size!

 We had a go trying to lift the BA to see how heavy it was.

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