Monday, May 23, 2011

minibeats and hip hop

We investigated how many ways we could break up the number 8 into smaller parts by using straws and counters. We recorded the results in our workbooks.

 We discussed the life cycle of the butterfly and made our own beautiful and colourful butterflies.
 Ms. McLoughlin had some frogspawn in a big plastic container that she kindly lent to us to have a look. We saw some tadpoles and some of them had formed hind legs. One tadpole had developed into a tiny frog that was perched happily on a stone!
 We grouped lots of minibeasts into sets such as those insects that have legs/ no legs, wings/no wings, hard/ soft bodies, antennae/ no antennae, feelers/ no feelers and on how they actually move about such as walk, fly, wiggle, jump!

 Fabienne showed us how to hip hop. We danced and danced til we could dance no more!! We learned lots of hip hop moves.

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